Who we are


Fred Breitner - president

Author of numerous articles and well known for his radio features, Fred guides the day to day activities of Great Met. He has served as board member and Chair of The Amadeus Ensemble Chamber Orchestra and as advisor to Sir Sandford Fleming College for the development of a custom installation technician curriculum. Fred is also a founder of “The Guild”, an association of 26 companies that provides the very best products and services to newly constructed or renovated homes. After a successful career in mechanical engineering, Fred was drawn to Great Met by his involvement with music, which, thirty years later, is still a cornerstone of the company philosophy. These days, he is most enthusiastic about the expanding range of services that Great Met can bring to its customers.


john mcmanus - showroom manager

Born and raised in Ireland, John came to Canada as a professional musician in the early 70’s.
After almost 20 years of touring John decided to get fully involved in audio and video. John has an in-depth understanding of components & system design and a unique ability to make it all enjoyable for Great Met customers. John spends a great deal of time teaching others how to better serve their customers.


robin hughes - senior programmer

If you want your video screen to lower from the ceiling, or lights to turn on as you enter a room, Robin is your man. He is responsible for integrating our advanced technologies, which is another way of saying that Robin can get all of your electronics working together and seamlessly, from audio/video, to motorized screens to lighting control to home networks.


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